In the traditional telecoms environment, red lights in the network operation centre (NOC) were sufficient to warn operators of a network performance issue. However, as services have become more complex than simple network connectivity and as network architectures increasingly involve different types of network technology, a red light on a console warning of poor performance or failure of a specific network element is of little use in identifying service affecting issues or the root cause of an issue


The concept behind 3D analytics is to take performance insights from big data regarding the network, the service performance and issues that affect the subscriber and build an end-to-end view of an operator’s business performance across those three dimensions. The concept focuses on the idea of achieving real-time visibility across radio, fibre and hybrid networks to provide network engineers, network planning, customer care and other technical audiences for layers 1-7 of the network.


  • How 3D analytics works
  • 3D analytics use case
  • Benefits and value
  • Market insights