Please take a few minutes to answer our survey so we can understand your priorities and objectives for B/OSS transformation, your views on the challenges that IoT and data integration present and your attitudes to revenue management and fraud.

We would love to hear your opinion and we're offering an Apple Watch for the privilege!

This survey is commissioned by Vanilla Plus on behalf of Neural Technologies

1. In which region are you based?
2. Have you undertaken B/OSS transformation?
3. What would you consider as the top 3 priorities/objectives for the B/OSS transformation? (using mouse drag and drop your top 3 in order of importance)

1 2 3
  • Network consolidation
  • Effective Resource Management
  • Standardisation of integration points
  • Centralised provisioning
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Improving time to market
4. Have you implemented any of the following B/OSS components within your network? (select all that apply)
5. Have you implemented an IoT/Data Integration platform?
6. On a scale of 1 to 5 (for each), rate the importance of the following areas when you consider an IoT/Data integration platform?
Open Source
Total Cost of Ownership
Support virtualised environment
Cloud base
7. What are your biggest challenges with regard to data for the next year? (select one)
8. Do you have an employee or department within your organisation that is dedicated to data or big data?
9. Do you expect increased revenue losses in the next 12 months from the following? (answer YES and NO to each)
Poor processes/procedures
Applying new products/prices
Rating/pre-paid charging failure
Credit management
Interconnect/partner payment errors
Internal fraud
10. What percentage of your company’s total revenue do you think is lost revenue from fraud, bad debt and revenue leakages? (select one)
11. What do you consider to be an acceptable level of loss as a percentage of total revenues? (select one)